About Greeno

20161029_151359Growing up in Wisconsin is learning the balance between hard work and recreation.  Matt Green is no exception.  A Wisconsinaholic, born and raised in Oshkosh and educated at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, his Badger roots run deep and his familial heritage in the Dairy State stretches back to the 1850s.  He was raised in a farmhouse that was built by his great-grandfather and whose pasture held 5 free-grazing Holstein heifers every summer.  The houses next door to that were built foundation-to-roof by his grandfather, who also lived in the adjacent one while he was growing up.  His family owns hunting land and a hand-hewn cabin in Waupaca County that was once plumbed by means of an outhouse and a crystal-clear spring; heated by an old Franklin stove. Germans love to build and tinker, and home improvement and construction are as genetic as summer fishing vacations in Hayward and weekend trips to supper clubs, baseball tournaments, and the back Forty.

FB_IMG_1475982307828Matt currently teaches English at an at-risk high school in Rockford, Illinois.  He dwells there with his wife Laura and a lhasa apso, Carrie, who embodies the soul of a jocular Buddhist monk and thinks she is of a much larger breed.  They live in a 800 square-foot bunglow built in 1925 that does not contain a room that has not been the victim of a home improvement project.  Matt and Laura’s marriage has been highlighted by many weekend adventures: on the road, on the couch, and amongst the turmoil of a house constantly under repair in the hands of a hopeless perfectionist.  While they have some destinations that they always return to, they are also capricious enough to go where the road takes them and leads them on newfound adventures.