Rhapsodies: Frozen Custard Never Sounded So Good

At Rhap20170322_145238sodies in Oshkosh, frozen custard has never sounded sweeter.  The entire restaurant is a euphony of extended musical metaphors and second-to-none dairy and non-dairy edible confections.  Inspirational musical quotes in various fonts swirl around the walls of the shop.  Seating is limited, but the bistro tables outside are the perfect place to enjoy Rhapsodies frozen custard on a summer day or after a day out on the bo20170322_145504at (it is only a couple of blocks from Lake Winnebago).  While the musical theme is well executed and consistently pervasive throughout the shop, it is not a front for the quality of the product.  Many places have ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, or frozen custard, but Rhapsodies takes something that most of us take for granted and does it better.  It is really difficult to describe how good their frozen custard is (or their other food items, for that matter).  It is the type of place where after you have finished your dessert, you want to go back up to the counter and order a dessert for your dessert.  All the while, music fills the space and sends you into a sugar-induced, aurally-pleasing trance/coma that practically brings you to your knees.




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