Birthday Boy Corned Beef and Cabbage

Corned Beef and Cabbage.  When your last name is Green, you have red hair, and you’re born on St. Patrick’s Day, you’d better know how to celebrate.  Without resorting to shillelagh involved hooliganism, the occasional donnybrook, or walking around town spouting off drunken limericks and  looking for trouble, if you’re willing to devote the time to it, an epic corned beef and cabbage dinner is pretty straightforward to construct.  There are a million variations on this dinner, and obviously the easiest way is to throw the included spice packet in with the big slab of corned beef, add some water, add some heat, and let it go.  With corned beef itself taking so long to come to tenderization, and the vegetables and cabbage taking various times to cook, it can be a bit more of a juggling act, especially in a small kitchen when you are planning dinner for more than two people.

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