20170211_142217Wisconsin is a meat-and-potato state.  Settlers of Wisconsin needed adequate sustenance to survive the brutal winter months and the physical demands of an agrarian existence.  Plus there’s the heritage.  When my family immigrated, they farmed.  Both of my grandparents grew up on farms across the street from each other.  The house I grew up in is in-fact a farmhouse.  Meat and potato recipes have flooded my family’s German cookbooks going back as far as my family goes.  They also demand the majority of space in the decades of United Methodist cookbooks that adorn the “cookbook and recipe” section of my mom’s kitchen.  All the lil’ ol’ church ladies have their award-winning meat-and-potato dishes there.


One thing there is no shortage of in Madison is food.  It is no surprise then that Madison and its adjacent bergs would have ample dining that does not skimp on the staples that have shaped Wisconsin cuisine for generations.  One of Madison’s points of pride is that you can find delectable entrees from anywhere in the world.  In the throes of February though, falafel just will not cut it.  On the suggestion of a local, my wife and I discovered Mooyah in Fitchburg, and thank goodness for that.

20170211_143201To be clear, Mooyah is a franchise with origins in Texas, but it might as well have leapt forth from the heart of America’s Dairyland.  It is comparable to burger eateries like Fat Guys, Culver’s, and Fuddrucker’s, but there is something that makes Mooyah better.  There is a core menu with countless ways to individualize your order, but each franchise has its own local menu.

True to form, the Mooyah menu in Fitchburg is not light on cheese.  For the m20170211_145030ore noncarniverous and socially-conscientious Madisonian, it offers many options for vegetarians, vegans, and those with gluten sensitivities.  You can get a black bean burger, a gluten-free bun, or lettuce-wrap anything at Mooyah.  They also offer sweet potato fries in addition to their hand-cut Idaho potatoes.  The ingredients are fresh, the service is fast and friendly, and Mooyah has something for everybody, including a giant chalkboard for kids (and adult kids) to write on.  It appeals to those who love a throwback to a 1950’s burger-fries-and-a-milkshake diner and to the most particular, discriminating, and conscientious of palates.  They will also fundraise for your kids’ organizations.

20170211_143502The million-dollar question, then, is what did we order?  She ordered the Grilled Chicken Avocado Club Sandwich with a gluten-free bun and 50/50 hand-cut potato/sweet potato fries.  I got the Mooyah Cheeseburger w/ sautéed mushrooms and onion straws and Idaho hand-cut fries.  The food was delivered fast, fresh, and tasted tremendous.  We weren’t going to, but we got back in line for dessert.  Their milkshakes come in two sizes, the Little Moo and the Big Moo.  We opted for the Big Moo Chocolate and Strawberry Banana shakes, a perfect way to top off a stupendous meal.  We left thoroughly sated, impressed, and grateful for the recommendation.  We will definitely be back the next time we visit Fitchburg.20170211_150752

Mooyah is located at 6309 McKee Rd. #700, Fitchburg, Wisconsin.  Their website is:

A full culinary review of Mooyah is also available from the Wisconsin State Journal at:


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